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These pages will cover the restoration and upgrades I have done to a 1979 Choate 40.
I acquired the vessel in poor condition at a reasonable price and so far have put twice that amount into her.
From the evidence I have found, she had been de-masted, run aground several times, slightly flooded, run hard and put away wet.
Fortunately, she had new standing rig with a used mast from a Catalina 40 and a recent head job on the motor.
The rest of the info I'll segregate into pages for detailed information.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Solon Table

The boat never had a solon table as far as I know. This summer I used the fold down leaf that I added to the side of the sink cabinet. It worked OK but the only place to sit was on the stairs or the corner of the port settee.

I had some old teak boards from an old gangway entry and used those to build a box clamp that goes around the mast.

To that I added a table with a fold leaf that is also supported by the main bulkhead.

It's just the right height that I can store a 5 gl. bucket or the generator beneath it.

I've added another section that attaches to the main section and is supported by it and the lower part of the mast, which can be removed for access to deck plates underneath, so I don't bag my head while doing maintenance in the bilge.

Pictures to come later---work is still in progress........................

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