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These pages will cover the restoration and upgrades I have done to a 1979 Choate 40.
I acquired the vessel in poor condition at a reasonable price and so far have put twice that amount into her.
From the evidence I have found, she had been de-masted, run aground several times, slightly flooded, run hard and put away wet.
Fortunately, she had new standing rig with a used mast from a Catalina 40 and a recent head job on the motor.
The rest of the info I'll segregate into pages for detailed information.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Adding a Refrigerator

This summers cruise got me to thinking I need more cooler space that is EZ to access. The Ice box is fine for drinks and stuff that can get wet but there was never enough space for jars and square containers for supplies and leftovers.
I already have a portable 12V cooler that I use for frozen foods.

I have a fairly large space that I can squeeze in a refer so I had to choose a refer that would fit. I came up with a Norcold. DE0788B with 3.1 cu. ft. 12VDC/120VAC combo.
  I could have gone bigger but the outside dims would only allow this one to get over the stove.

Also I have this small compartment that has been useful for storing breads. The portable is attached to a larger compartment cover that is hinged. So I had to cut an angle in the lid so it could still be raised with the new refer in place.

The base for the new refer...................

Had to install a 120VAC outlet for the new refer.

I painted the small compartment white for better visibility in the darkness.

Here with the base above the small compartment.

Here with the refer installed.

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